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Buy Gritty Spanish and Improve your SpanishFinally! A Conversational Spanish Resource With Grit!

Are you fed up with Spanish courses that teach Spanish using the same old lifeless and unimaginative conversations and that feature Spanish speakers who lack zeal and intensity?  Are you looking for a Spanish course that teaches not only conversational Spanish but more colorful Spanish? The type of Spanish that your Spanish professor would prefer for you to never hear – let alone actually speak?  Then Gritty Spanish may be the resource you are looking for!

Gritty Spanish is like Reality TV without the Television, you’ll listen to super interesting and natural dialogues in a movie like setting, it’s filled with raw emotion; you’ll feel like you’re part of the stories all while listening and training your ear to the Language.  It’s not one of those “how to learn Spanish fast” programs, it’s unique, it’s fresh and it will help improve your Spanish comprehension dramatically.  You will look forward to listening to the stories. You’ll just have to listen with an open mind, since the content is a bit Edgy.

Censored version of Gritty Spanish for $39.95

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About Gritty Spanish

Gritty Spanish is an awesome resource designed to Improve Spanish Listening & Reading comprehension. You'll listen to native speakers without immersing yourself in a physical Latino community. The resource features highly engaging MP3 formatted conversations, as well as PDF documents of ALL the conversations side by side in English & Spanish, so you are never lost. You can listen whenever you like on any portable device. The audio features men & women from several Spanish speaking countries including:
Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Bolivia, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Colombia & Spain
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What's Included?

  • Emotionally charged Spanish conversations in MP3
  • Includes PDF transcripts: Downloadable and printable subtitles side by side
  • FREE Kindle E-book Included
  • 30% slower versions of each Conversation included
  • Variety of Spanish accents
  • Background sound effects and music brings the stories to life
  • View the transcript of these colorful conversations on your Mobile device
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Quick snippets from 3 Scenes

These are just quick snippets, not the full conversations.  The pictures below are what the PDF transcripts looks like…

Some Customer testimonials

These “Lessons in Spanish” are more like great Spanish listening exercises and they are fantastic, really fun and entertaining to listen to them. Great way to learn conversational Spanish, very refreshing! I love trying to mimic the way some of them speak! Everything is not “Friendly” and Cliché Conversations, really makes it unique.
“How to learn Spanish fast” and “how to speak Spanish fluently” is what I asked myself when I first started learning Spanish. I quickly realized it’s not a lot of shortcuts, just have to find ways entertain yourself, and Gritty Spanish Does just that, it’s highly entertaining stuff and and as a result, you learn an awful lot!!
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