Spanish dialogues and urban stories

Advance your Spanish – Street style

Voice-acted by Gritty Latin Americans and Spaniards

Gritty Spanish is about to plunge you into street language learning – for urban stories that bring the language of passion and personality to life. You’ll be entertained, a little outraged and absolutely absorbed in scenes that feature everyone from the irresponsible party teens, to the tantrum prone toddler in the supermarket aisle.

Forget about unrealistic scenes and stories lacking passion – look forward to emotive voices that feature every form of Spanish accent, including Puerto Rican, Dominican, Venezuelan, Colombian, Mexican, Cuban, Guatemalan and (of course) Spanish.

Each actor and story thread is brought to life with vivid background music and sound effects that involve you in each scene, and are accompanied with an easy to follow eBook where Spanish and English is displayed with clarity side by side.

This is Spanish learning, re-invented. Hear for yourself just how revolutionary an approach Gritty Spanish is.

How does it work?



Any device, any time, any where

Gritty Spanish audio stories can be loaded on any device – from the desktop, to the laptop, to the smartphone. Every scene features crystal clear, high quality audio (even when you’re listening on the loudest of tubes).

eBooks for easy side by side translations

As you listen you can load up the PDF eBook on the same device, and follow along as your urban story unfolds. There’s an eBook transcript for every story – and they’ve been formatted to guide your eye, with bolded questions and key terms.

Before you begin you’ll see a rundown of the characters coming up – their names, roles and (most importantly) their Spanish accent.

But it’s not all fun and games

For all the entertainment and giggles that Gritty Spanish provides, this program isn’t a novelty – it’s been designed from the ground-up with the challenges that you face in mind. It’s proven to improve Spanish reading and listening comprehension, no ifs, buts or exceptions.

Raw, urban and gritty – audio stories that immerse the learner in color and culture.

Check out a couple audio/transcript samples from Gritty Spanish Parte II below!

Episode # 19

Brat in the Supermarket – Niño mimado en el supermercado

Transcript from Episode # 19

Episode # 07

Night at the Knicks game – La noche en el juego de los Knicks

Transcript from Episode # 07

Our Happy Spanish Learners.

Since its launch in 2014, Gritty Spanish has grown to thousands learners throughout the world. Here’s what some of our many happy learners have had to say about the Gritty Spanish experience.

These “Lessons in Spanish” are more like great Spanish listening exercises and they are fantastic, really fun and entertaining to listen to them. Great way to learn conversational Spanish, very refreshing! I love trying to mimic the way some of them speak! Everything is not “Friendly” and Cliché Conversations, really makes it unique.
“After studying Spanish in a classroom environment years ago, I was so excited by the idea of refreshing my Spanish skills by listening to real world people in real world situations. Gritty Spanish has been so fun, it isn’t even like learning! I especially found the slower speed tracks and the ones without background noise to be helpful in breaking it down for me. And how easy it was to download and listen on the go”

Travel by Sally talks about Gritty Spanish

new release gritty spanish parte II

Gritty Spanish: Parte II Now Available!

After much anticipation Gritty Spanish: Parte II has finally been unleashed. This follows up the now cult classic Gritty Spanish (parte I), which received widespread praise and incredible popularity.  Some two years on, it’s time for learners to once more become a part of the Spanish language in ways no other program provides.

Designed as a key to unlocking the door between beginner and intermediate/advanced, Gritty Spanish: Parte II is as edgy as its predecessor – for urban stories that grab your attention and hold it there.  There are 36 stories in total – all voice-acted by real eccentric and lively Spanish speaking natives from Mexico, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Spain and more!


Inspired by music – dive into our resource area

Gritty Spanish was inspired, amongst many other things, by music – the flow, the rhythm and the Free resources from Gritty Spanishpassion that ran throughout soulful, Spanish songs served as a firm foundation to create something fresh.

Take a look around our music area and improve your Spanish whilst enjoying everything from timeless classics to offerings from Enrique Iglesias, Antonio Banderas, Romeo Santos, Anthony Santos and much more!

Explore our Free Spanish  Resource area.


Have a question about the program? Want to know whether Gritty Spanish is right for? Whatever you need to know, we’re on hand to answer your questions. Simply head on over to our contact page and send us a message and we’ll be right back in touch.

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